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Is Dr. Strange a villain?

 Spiderman: No Way Home Fan Theory

Isn’t it a little weird how Dr. Strange was acting so carelessly in the trailer of Spiderman: No Way Home posted a few days ago. In the trailer we clearly see Wong warns him to not cast the spell because it was too dangerous. But Dr. Strange winks at Peter and carelessly starts casting the spell to make everyone forget about Spiderman’s real identity i.e. Peter Parker. Eventually he ends up losing focus and messes up because Peter keeps going on about how his aunt, girlfriend and his best friend would forget too that he is Spiderman.

Peter should have thought about confessing his identity again maybe or maybe he was just worried he would lose the special bond he has with his girlfriend MJ right now. He panics of all this thought and keeps going on about it and Dr. gets distracted.

What if Dr. Strange is an evil variant from a different universe?

The dialogue, “Be careful what you wish for Peter.” Sounds as if he has some grudge or an agenda. He kind of sounds like a villain in that moment.

 That train scene seems like Dr. Strange was fighting Peter. It’s possible Dr . Strange is an impostor and the real Dr. Strange is captured somewhere maybe in the mirror dimension.

The sidewalk scene when Dr. Strange pushed out Peter’s astral body, his facial expressions seemed a bit off. That’s what a villain face would look like. Also Peter is holding a strange device maybe to capture something or someone who might be controlling strange.

In the trailer we see Dr. Strange still has the eye of Agamotto which is called the time stone. But in the main timeline there’s no more a time stone so it is possible Dr. Starange is from a different universe, a variant of our Dr. Strange.

What if the spell Dr. Strange casts doesn’t only corrupt his world but himself too? Since Peter tried to change the spell from its initial intention, it changed not only what he wanted but what the spell was intended to do.

Maybe Dr. Strange willingly cast and tampered the spell. Because he doesn’t make mistakes for silly reasons. He probably saw something and knows something else is coming just like how he gave up the time stone to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War in order to save Tony and everyone else in Avengers: The End Game.

Moreover he’s the Sorcerer Supreme after all. Maybe the multiverse is destined to happen and this is a trigger for it. He knows everything better than anyone else. So let’s see what happens. All the fans over the world including myself are very excited for the movie.

Dr. Strange is kind of sus, isn’t he? What are your thoughts ?


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