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Things We Know That We Don’t Know About Our Universe

  Hello Mortals !!! We Humans seem to be the only species so far that are interested in uncovering the veil of reality or better said capable, thanks to an advanced cerebral cortex. Explain quantum physics to a cat all you want and they’ll be pissed at you for disturbing their slumber but as good as we humans seem to be at exploring the nature of the universe, we are nowhere close to having a complete image of reality.   The circle called ‘stuff we know’ has been steadily enlarging throughout the centuries but the circle called ‘stuff we know we don’t know’ has been doing the same but at a higher speed but these two circles are expanding inside much bigger hyperspace called ‘stuff we don’t know we don’t know’ and by definition we have no idea how big it is or if it t even has a limit at all. That is why today we will be focusing on what do we know that we don’t know since we at least have a grasp of it. Black holes are probably the most mysterious objects in the universe. Up un